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A Pakistani Airbus passenger jet operated by Airblue crashed in densely wooded hills outside the capital Islamabad on Wednesday, killing up to 152 people on board.

Following is a chronology of major air crashes in Pakistan or involving Pakistani planes:

May 20, 1965: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 707 crashes on its inaugural flight while attempting to land at Cairo airport, killing 124 people.

August 6, 1970: A PIA Fokker F27 turboprop aircraft crashes while attempting to take off from Islamabad in a thunderstorm, killing all 30 people on board.

December 8, 1972: A PIA Fokker F27 crashes in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. All 26 people on board are killed.

November 26, 1979: A PIA Boeing 707 bringing home Pakistani Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia crashes shortly after take-off from Jeddah airport, killing 156 people.

October 23, 1986: A PIA Fokker F27 crashes while coming in to land in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing 13 of the 54 people on board.

August 17, 1988: A US-made Hercules C-130 military aircraft crashes near Pakistan’s eastern city of Bahawalpur, killing military ruler General Mohammad Zia ul Haq and 30 others including Pakistani generals and the US ambassador.

August 25, 1989: A PIA Fokker carrying 54 people disappears after leaving Gilgit in northern Pakistan. The wreckage is never found.

September 28, 1992: A PIA Airbus A300 crashes into a cloud-covered hillside on approach to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu after the plane descended too early, killing 167 people.

February 19, 2003: An air force Fokker F27 crashes in fog-shrouded mountains near the northwestern city of Kohat, killing air force chief Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali, his wife and 15 others.

February 24, 2003: A chartered Cessna 402-B carrying Afghan Mines and Industries Minister Juma Mohammad Mohammadi, four Afghan officials, a Chinese mining executive and two Pakistani crew crashes into the Arabian Sea near the southern city of Karachi.

July 10, 2006: A PIA Fokker F27 bound for Lahore crashes into a field and bursts into flames shortly after takeoff from the central city of Multan, killing 41 passengers and four crew.

July 28, 2010: An Airblue Airbus 321 flying from Karachi crashes into hills outside Islamabad while preparing to land, killing everyone on board. Civil aviation authorities say 152 people were on board while police put the number at 149.


For quite a long time she was found to be something like this in her room:

Ear-phones stuck in her ear, blaring some painful rock music, pillow lying on her head and eyes constantly pouring out salty water. She was crying a cry that seemed to stop nowhere and she didn’t even care to wipe off the tears maybe was too numb to think of it.

At this point of time precisely her mind thought: what is making her sob so badly?
Though it knew she’s going through some real time tough times but was she only crying because that someone wasn’t here with her anymore or was she really missing that someone or is it just a phase which will pass on and life will move on like it did in movies and in reality too.

As her mind could not really fix itself on any one situation or either of them, so it decided to talk to her and sort this in order to relieve itself out the confusion.
Her mind gathered all the courage inside itself, formed a formidable question and posed at her:

‘What is making you cry?’

But perhaps she did not interpret the question that well or maybe did not want to answer so in reply she said something like,
‘It has been days or weeks now, what does it matter now!
How long are my eyes going to shed this salty water!
Why doesn’t this pain go away! Why not! Why God! Why me!’

And so many other Whys too.

The mind thought, What is this way of answering a question with a new question!
But while thinking this, a second thought emerged in her mind as she again slowed her sobbing process.
And since second thoughts are thought to be more sensible, this might be one too.

She said out loud, ‘Hold on! Why am I crying?

Finally the long, long wait of Pakistan for a Test victory over Australia came to an end as Pakistan overwhelmed mighty Australia by three wickets to achieve historic victory at Headingley ground on Saturday.
Cricket fans all across the country took to the streets in Pakistan to celebrate their side’s first Test victory over Australia in 15 years, after a tense fourth-day finish at Headingley.

Salman Butt is being praised by all for as he made a winning start as captain and became the eighth Pakistani captain after Fazal Mahmood, Mushtaq Mohammed, Javed Miandad, Waqar Younis, Salim Malik, Ramiz Raja and Mohammed Yousuf to win his maiden Test match as captain.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking, when you have this added responsibility,” Salman Butt told reporters. “You tend to think more, thank God it went positively and we won.”
It means a lot, it’s a new beginning for Pakistan” he said.

Pakistan, set 180 to win, lost four wickets for 40 runs before finishing on 180 for seven and a three-wicket win as they levelled this two-Test series at 1-1.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani announced on Thursday that General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani will be military chief till 2013.

PM made the announcement in a three-minute televised address to the nation in which he showered praise on Kayani and termed him a respected person both nationally and internationally.

Gilani said that Kayani’s extension was necessary for continuity in Pakistan’s fight against terrorism and said,
“He was a key designer of the strategy for the war on terror and it is progressing well under him. The war is going through a critical stage… continuity is needed at the moment and we are sure that the war on terror, under Kayani, will reach its logical conclusion successfully.”

2013 is also the year both the incumbent government as well as Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s tenures end.
In March, the government had also given a one-year extension to Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha for similar reasons.

Kayani, arguably Pakistan’s most powerful man, had been due to retire in November. He had replaced former president General Pervez Musharraf on November 29, 2007. Before that, Kayani has also held the key position of ISI chief.
He also officiated as the director general of military operations and held that slot when the Pakistan Army first moved into the country’s tribal areas to flush out al Qaeda affiliates.
Kayani was also the man who reportedly brokered a power-sharing deal between Musharraf and slain former premier Benazir Bhutto – an accord that led to the issuance of the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in October 2007.

long and gone..

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You have been away so long, so far
that now even your presence irritates me.

When you were parting, I wanted you to stay
and when you are back I want you to leave me.

Because when you left me here in this big blank space
where I see no one but me and I got used to of me.

You have left me in the dark for so long now
that even a ray of light is enough to enrage me.

So just go back to you heavenly abode
because in my misery I am enough for me.


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Poetry (in Pashto/Dari language) by Persian poet Omar Khayyam (1048-1123).


Bang bang

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The song I am simply addicted to since the last few days.


Fifa fever..

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World Cup 2010

  • Winners Spain
  • Teams 32
  • Golden Boot Thomas Mueller (Germany) – 5
  • Stats Total of 145 goals were scored (2.27 average goals per match), Germany (16) scored the most
  • Number of matches 64

World Cup 2006

  • Winner Italy
  • Teams 32
  • Notable Absentees Cameroon, Nigeria
  • Surprises Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Golden Boot Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 5
  • Stats A total of 147 goals were scored (2.30 per match); Germany (14) scored the most
  • Number of matches 64


Away from him, in a different and beautiful city, after so many years, here she is again thinking about him.

‘Why doesn’t he just vanish from my thoughts?’
she said to her friend, who was ever ready to listen to her woes without complaining or replying.

So she continued like always,
‘Don’t you think we always miss what is gone and away from our life?
Those faded flowers, that missing watch, that home or city, that old friend or more?
I do, I do miss them and at times a lot.
But why?
Why cannot I just focus on the present and leave behind the past as if it never existed in my life!’

‘Because it did exist!’ her friend replied shrugging.

‘Coffee?’ asked her friend with a smile.

‘With extra mik!’ she replied trying to smile back at her.

He sure would have forgotten my face by now, she thought and smiled at her folly.

And with that coffee he was gone from her mind but not for long.