Lost Generation – an inspiration

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Pakistan, Uncategorized
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This video caught my attention on our local media channels who translated this for Pakistan’s 63rd independence day to bring back the element of Faith in our nation.

Here is the Pakistani version of the message of Hope:

While I looked over the internet and found this about the original video:

Jonathan Reed won second place in AARP’s U@50 video contest launched in 2007. Contestants were asked to create 2-minute video describing their vision of the future; what life would be like by the time they turned 50.
Reed was inspired by the Argentinian political advertisement “The Truth” (which is worth watching as well).

Here is the video:

Here is the text.
Read it and then read it again in reverse.

“Lost Generation
-by Jonathan Reed”

I am part of a lost generation
and I refuse to believe that
I can change the world
I realize this may be a shock but
“Happiness comes from within.”
is a lie, and
“Money will make me happy.”
So in 30 years I will tell my children
they are not the most important thing in my life
My employer will know that
I have my priorities straight because
is more important than
I tell you this
Once upon a time
Families stayed together
but this will not be true in my era
This is a quick fix society
Experts tell me
30 years from now, I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my divorce
I do not concede that
I will live in a country of my own making
In the future
Environmental destruction will be the norm
No longer can it be said that
My peers and I care about this earth
It will be evident that
My generation is apathetic and lethargic
It is foolish to presume that
There is hope.

And all of this will come true unless we choose to reverse it .

  1. Erm well yet another interesting and meaningful post by Selene. I really like the post and extracted that there is one thing missing in our Nation is UNITY. We are nt UNITED as our enemies divided us in sects,ethinic and provincialism. The generation before us aint think of our interests.So its the time 4 us the present generation to make a difference its been 63years now.Till when we want us to be called a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY???

  2. I really liked the idea and concept of this video.
    This video clip has made me think a lot..

    great post.

  3. Selene says:

    I felt his message of Optimism must be shared with all. This video is a good attempt indeed but in fact that original video of Argentinian political ad is a must watch, a message of Hope which is sure to touch all hearts.

    @ Zeeshan – you are right somewhat in saying that the element of Unity is missing in our nation, but then there are so many other things too which need to replaced, to be changed and remember that Change always begins within. Always stay hopeful and keep spreading the message of Hope.

  4. Zeeshan Majeed Khan says:

    Lol ok Selene 😛

  5. Sabahat says:

    Very thought-provoking ! ):

  6. Sabahat says:

    Very thought-provoking ! 🙂

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