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Frustrated with Facebook’s lack of  privacy and biased policies, few techies have launched Pakistan’s first social network, MillatFacebook.

A group of six young IT professionals from Lahore, the cultural and entertainment capital of Pakistan, Launched on Tuesday for Muslims to interact online and protest against blasphemy.

The private venture came after a Pakistani court ordered a block on Facebook until May 31, following deep offence over an “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day” page considered “blasphemous” and “sacrilegious”.

“Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site. A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet people of other religions are also welcome,” the website tells people interested in signing up.

The Urdu word “Millat” is used by Muslims to refer to their nation. The website claims to have attracted 4,300 members in the last three days — mostly English-speaking Pakistanis in their 20s.

Source – Dawn News


The first time I came cross these on internet, I was like WOW! I have to find these!
And right there right then I lamented the moment when i had decided high heels are not made for me so I’ll stick with flat comfy ones which make me feel good and make me run and fly.
But God! I love these! I really should start wearing high heels.
And what inspiration I have! Just look at them!